Coaching that helps take back control of your Brain and carve a new life through Neuroscience

“If as Neuroscience has shown over the last 10 years, we are literally carving our brain through our thoughts to create our future, we then truly become the product of our thinking. This moulding of the mind or neuroplasticity can therefore be shaped, and coaching is the ultimate way to ensure that that shaping is masterful and not mayhem.” – Louisa Clarke, LCD Ltd



Emotional Intelligence was first brought into Industry by Daniel Goleman in 1995. In 2016 Neuroscience is showing that those key relationship connections now start most vividly in the Brain and what was once considered fixed is now neuroplastic. We are not stuck in our minds, but have the capacity to mould our mental landscape through neuroplasticity to achieve our highest potential and move beyond memories, habits of thinking and depressed emotional states.


  • Explore the Science of Emotions
  • Be guided through the implications of the Triune Brain Theory;
  • Take back control from the memories of the past that are stealing your present;
  • Understand that your thoughts matter and are in your control;
  • Learn how to manage yourself with your brain in mind.


braintormExplore testimonials from the LA Clarke Development Ltd Advanced Coaching the Coach and Emotional Agility Programmes as well as powerfully unique Executive Coaching interventions that are changing the way people are thinking in Starbucks, Samworth Brothers Supply Chain, Vodafone, Hoare Lea and many more.

Dare to change how you think….


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