The Advanced Coaching the Coach Programme

Coaching has come along way since the GROW model was first introduced. In the value driven and financially streamlined Commercial miasma of the workplace today, discretionary effort is the lasting differentiator. Only through truly understanding team members and enabling performance through sincere enablement can sustained changes be created. The Advanced Coaching the Coach grabs the participant and dives into the intricacies and subtleties of a truly astute Coach. NLP DDDExploring:

  • The rudiments of NLP, belief systems;
  • Research on willpower and habit formation;
  • An exploration of Transactional Analysis and the seminal work I’m Ok-You’re Ok;
  • The nature of the Autonomic Nervous-system and significance of alignment of the para-sympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems with the attendant implications for stress and well being;
  • Mindfulness and the resilience of a Coach and Coachee.

“The EI component, psychometrics and mindfulness deepened my self-awareness in the coaching conversation.” Senior Manager UK & Europe Starbucks

“Enjoyable and thought provoking experience.” Junior Manager Samworth Brothers