Coaching Approaches

Every situation and individual is entirely unique, and so every new coaching relationship will be preceded by a ‘Chemistry session’ and a clear articulation of expectations. Nonetheless, in order to guide on the types of areas I have supported and facilitated clients, the following is a flavour of recurring requirements. All Coaching Interventions are for an initial period of 6 months, with 1 session per month. These sessions are augmented by interim material to encourage ongoing reflection e.g. articles, reading lists, TED talks.

The First 100 Days Coaching that is aimed at enabling the client’s self-belief to mirror the faith of those who sanctioned their promotion. It’s about ensuring there is an authentic sense of confidence in abilities and performance, a move away from any feeling of fraudulence or ‘being caught out’ and into a true sense of deservedness for the new role. This level of self reinforcement is then reflected in conduct in the workplace.

Stress and Resilience Intervention This is aimed at the struggling client, whose usual resources and coping mechanisms are no longer serving them. The sessions are centred around equipping the client with new perspectives, self-soothing techniques and exploring new paradigms to create better boundaries and sense of security. This approach is by definition more therapeutic coaching.

Coaching for Performance This approach will be more typically for the client who feels a sense of frustration at their lack of progress and a niggling sense that the walls and barriers they are facing are self created. This approach is challenging and intended to rapidly raise self awareness and limiting beliefs in order to ease progression into greater realms of excellence.

Emotional Agility with Stakeholders An intervention that focuses exclusively on improving inter-personal relationships, self awareness and awareness of others. Drawing on a number of approaches including NLP, CBT and TA, this coaching approach is a deep dive into personal habits and the path to acquiring more productive styles of compassionate and inclusive communication for greater work and life success.

Louisa also provides private Coaching. Please email for further details.