‘I have worked with a lot of coaches in the past. But just the first hour with Louisa, her energy, approach and content on how to be a better coach blew me away. She and her support team provide easy to use techniques and create a great  learning environment throughout the course. The safe environment that she provides and the immediate feedback that is being offered is one of a kind. Thank you’

Regional Director of Operations (Starbucks)

‘Louisa’s approach in helping me thoroughly explore a change I wanted to make was positively therapeutic. Her calm, composed tenacity in asking the most insightful questions helped me gradually unravel my thinking   to the point where the  penny just dropped!  I finally had the aha moment that has eluded me for years.’

Director UK Licensed Operations (Starbucks)

In the press

Gloucestershire Echo Sept 2015

Public Speaking

The above link relates to Louisa delivering a talk, November 2014, as part of the Henderson Asset Management led City’s engagement with sector recruitment, development and career and personal motivation.